with SueZ Computer Helper

Got your Computer on and where do we go from here?? what can we do with this ..

let me guide you to make the most of this confusing and

wonderful device..

Have you been to classes, got nothing from that, watched someone show you how to do all the things you want to do but can't remember what they did, or the kids or grand-kids have been visiting, you have asked them to show you how to do something, they flick through everything so fast you can't keep up with them and you're none the wiser as to what they did, well I can help you to untangle the confusion in plain English and simplify the easiest of tasks that will enable you to use and enjoy your computer and manage all of your data as you would expect to see it.

This is your chance to learn to use your computer at your pace. You sit at your computer; you push the buttons I sit next to you and guide you through each step with no geek speech I use straight forward English. No need to be afraid of clicking the mouse or pressing buttons, I will guide you through the process step by step.


How to manage your email, delete unwanted emails, create folders to save emails learn how to manage junk.

Scanning and Photo Management

Scanning photos, documents. How to create folders and save your precious photos.

Microsoft Word and other Document Management

How to save documents, insert pictures, create word documents.

Learn how to keep your computer safe and be safe on web sites

Doing backups of your data and keeping your virus programmes up to date.

We can support you with Windows based computers and your android tablets.

Need Apple and iPad support we can do that as well

with my association with tech support contacts we can assist with your IOS or iMac needs.

Things you need to have

Make sure you have a Pen and a notebook handy to scribble down the hints and tips that I will give you as we progress in our training sessions.


$30.00 per hour.

Coverage Areas.

Paraparaumu to Levin.

Hours. Mon. - Fri. 10.30 - 4.00pm


Sue on 0272407137

or email

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